The energy center responsible for you to feel safe, secure. grounded and stable. It comprises of your basic needs such as food, water, shelter, but also affection and connection. It stores the memory of your relationship to your ancestors and the energetic bond with your parents. This chakra protects your physical health and sets boundaries. This is the first energy center and the starting point of your personal development.

Physical Body

Located at the base of your spine. It includes your pelvic floor, legs and feet.


Essential Oils


CLEANSE with Myrrh

This essential oil supports us in feeling safe and secure by connecting to Mother Earth.

BALANCE with Balance®

This is a grounding blend with a combination of tree and root oils. It brings a sense of steadiness while reminding us to stay focused on our goals and dreams.

ACTIVATE with onGuard®

This is a protective blend, boosting your physical health. It is also a blend that includes all essential oils able to activate your root chakra such as Wild Orange (happiness and abundance), Clove (energetic boundaries), Cinnamon (acceptance and fearlessness), and Rosemary (rooting knowledge about your True Nature)

Work on it!



I invite you on a journey through your life. Take the time to listen to this 10 minutes meditation in a place where you can be fully relaxed and alone (so, not on your way to work or in the public transport).

The work on your Root Chakra is very important. We are setting the tone for the coming week. Please do not skip this step.

This is an incredibly powerful meditation that will bring you insights and clarity for the days to come. It is also a gentle and beautiful way to review your life and become aware of your needs. 



The intention of a DARE section is to give you that extra push. There is magic in walking that extra mile, and if you are truly willing to work all the way with your energies center, this will support and deepening the process. 

Today, to empower your Root Chakra, I dare you to set one clear boundary that’s necessary in your life today. 

  • What is the boundary that needs to be placed in your life?
  • To whom do you need to voice this boundary?
  • Is there any project or person you need to let go? 
  • Do you need extra space to be yourself and cultivate “me-time”?

Go ahead and put on this boundary right now. 


I am safe.
I choose to live a life of health and happiness.





Black Tourmaline: forms a protective shield around your body.


Malasana (Yogi squad), Uttanasana (Forward fold), Virabhadrasana II (Warrior 2).

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Root Chakra

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