In this page you will find information about essential oils, what they are, how to use them and what makes dōTERRA a unique brand. 

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15ml Bottles: Aromatouch, Balance, Zengest/ Digestzen, Air/Breathe, On Guard, Past-Tense, Serenity, Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon, Melaleuca, Peppermint, Wild Orange.


OnGuard Collection: Handwash with 2 dispensers, Toothpaste, OnGuard+Softgels, Beadlets.


Other Included Products: Lifelong Vitality Pack (Available in Vegan) (whole-food-based supplements), ZenGest TerraZyme (digestive enzymes), DeepBlue Rub (after sport muscle relaxation), Fractionated Coconut (115ml), Lumo Diffuser, Wooden Box, Air Vapour, Correct-X, PB Assist+ (pro-biotics), Salon Essentials Protecting Shampoo, Salon Essentials Smoothing Conditioner, Essentials Oils Booklet.




  • Frankincense 15ml,
  • Lavender 15ml,
  • Lemon 15ml,
  • Melaleuca 15ml,
  • Peppermint 15ml,
  • Oregano 15ml,
  • Zen gest (Digest Zen) 15ml,
  • Air/ Breathe 15ml,
  • OnGuard 15ml. 
  • Deep Blue 5ml,
  • Petal Diffuser,
  • Essentials Oils Booklet.





  • Lavender 5ml,
  • Lemon 5ml,
  • Peppermint 5ml,
  • Tea Tree 5ml
  • Oregano 5ml,
  • Frankincense 5ml,
  • Deep Blue 5ml, 
  • Breathe 5ml,
  • OnGuard 5ml
  • Zen gest (Digest Zen) 5ml


the world of endless healing possibilities with essential oils

You might already be familiar with using lavender for your relaxing bath or some orange in the diffuser to make the room “smell nice”.

However, I want to invite you to go beyond here. Join me in a world of infinite healing possibilities with essential oils. We are talking beyond wellness.



What makes dōTERRA so different?

dōTERRA stands for “gift from the Earth”. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Whatever ailment, problem, emotion you might be facing with: trust me, there is an oil for that. Yet again, we believe that the greatest medicine of all is teaching people how not to need it.


You know why?

Because Essential Oils are the healing properties of nature.  They are small chemical compounds, tiny oily balls that are made in the plant, on the bark, on the leaf, on the flower. 

 Making it simple: essential oils are the immune system of the plants. 

Made to attract what the plant needs and repel what the plant does not need by reproducing healthy cells, regenerating damaged cellular tissues, and creating an environment in your cells that activate healthy DNA strings (so awesome!). 

At the same time, they also work by having protecting properties, being able to kill viruses, bacteria, fungus and to create energetic boundaries. Essential Oils might be the new antibiotics.

Nature is so perfect that the exact same thing they do in a cell, they are going to do in our bodies. 

That being said, not every essential oil  that you find the market is the same. This is why I am so proud to partner up with doTERRA, a company who’s committed to bringing the highest quality essential oils to the market with unseen levels of transparency in the market. 


3 factors that will influence
the quality of essential oils



Being 100% pure and natural. This means there are no additives and synthetic dilutive added to it (that’s the stuff you don’t want in your body). Having this in mind, dōTERRA developed the first high quality testing of essential oils to guarantee purity. We’ll talk about CTPG testing bellow.


The plant grows in an environment where they thrive best, considering soil conditions, water supplies and sustainability practices. This goes beyond sourcing from organic plants because, honestly, an organic cultivation is the bare minimum for a powerful essential oil (after all, this plant must rely on its natural immune system to survive, right?). We are talking about working with high quality, sustainable and ethical sourcing practices. I’ll introduce to you, Co-Impact Sourcing in a second (psst, you will love it!). 


The technology behind the distillation processes of these essential oils and the transparency about the chemical composition in these bottles. This is where Source to You is going to enter the scene and blow your mind with the level of scientific excellence this company is committed to.

But first, let’s look into the reasons why YOU cannot afford not to have these oils in your home. 

This combination of 


are what make doōTERRA essential oils


then over the counter medication (those we buy in pharmacies). 


doTERRA essential oils wild orange ginger


There is nothing added, nothing taken away in a dōTERRA essential oil. This is why it’s safe to be used in all ages. Unlike regular medications, essential oils do not have side effects. They do have what I call “side benefit”, you take for one reason and it helps you in so many other ways. The biggest difference between essential oils and other herbal medicine is that they are 50-70 times more potent. For example, in one drop of Peppermint, you get the benefits of 30 cups of peppermint tea. That sh** is powerful! 


Let’s get back to Introduction to Biology Class. Every cell in your body is surrounded by an oily membrane. This oily membrane protects the cell. There are two things that will harm a cell: Bacteria & Viruses. Bacteria attack the cell from the outside, and virus allocate on the inside. Most of over the counter medication are water based. What happens when you try to mix water and oil? They don’t mix. 
An essential oil is not only able to blend with the celular membrane and kill the bacteria, it is also able to penetrate it and kill viruses too.




Doing the math when it comes to your health is an important step of choosing to live more naturally.
First, I want to mention that essential oils don’t go bad, besides citric oils, that are due in 2 years. All other oils last a lifetime. Essential oils were found in Egyptian Tombs and were still effective.
Now, I invite you to think about a scenario where you are starting to feel an ear infection. You will need 3 drops: melaleuca to kill the bacteria, lavender to reduce the inflammation and basil to reduce the pain. These 3 drops costs you 0.24 euro cents. The essential oils will be distributed in your body in 20 minutes and you will feel the effects within 12 hours. You can’t afford to have these natural solutions at home. 






Let’s do something together now. I invite you to touch your nose, just between your eyebrows. Do you feel a bulb? That’s your olfactory nerve, it’s the closest receptor to your brain. Your olfactory nerve is connected to your limbic system, basically the part of your brain responsible for releasing hormones. And you know what hormones affect? Your EMOTIONS. This is how by smelling an essential oil we have a physical chemical reaction affecting how you feel. Essential oils can communicate signals to the olfactory system and stimulate the brain to exert neurotransmitters (e.g. serotonin and dopamine) thereby further regulating mood. That’s where the joy of smelling some Wild Orange comes from. Check out more articles about this on PubMed.




Because dōTERRA essential oils are so pure, they are safe to be applied directly on your skin. Make sure you dilute the essential oil for topical application in children and sensitive skin. Let’s think together: when would you use an essential oil topically? I love using DigestZen (ZenGes) on my tummy if I have stomach ache. Lavender for mosquitos bytes or burned skin. Frankincense to reduce stretch marks. In your facial serum to guarantee a more glowing and healthy skin. You can also apply on Guard, the protective blend under your feet. This will boost your immune system and also activate your first chakra. You can apply Air (Breath) on your chest for respiratory problems, but you can also apply on your chest as a heart opener, before your yoga practice, for example.





Taking essential oils internally can be controversial. Since most essential oil companies in the market do not produce pure therapeutic grade oils, for many years we were taught not to use essential oils internally. Until dōTERRA came with the highest quality of essential oils and changed this scenario. It’s not only safe to use essential oils internally, but it’s also advised by the company’s Medical Advisory Board to do so. I use a drop of lemon essential oil in my water every day. It helps cleansing my liver (note that pressed lemon has vitamins and helps alkaline your blood, the essential oil is a detox and all-cleanser). I also use a drop of Frankincense under my tongue to reduce cellular inflammation, boost my immune system and improve brain oxygen level (by 20%!). 


In order to find the best essential oils dōTERRA had to find the right countries where to source from. But it did not stop there. They also look into having a real positive impact in the world and sourcing the oils from developing nations where they can support creating jobs and unseen life opportunities. 

The company’s heart is based on the principles of Co-Impact Sourcing, a model of supply chain that supports all the ones involved in the production of your essential oil. Our intention is to provide resources that would otherwise not be available to them. This speaks straight to my heart. It’s the economic model I want to see thriving in the world, putting nature and people first and seeing humanity equality worthy of opportunities. 


This is about voting with your money

by supporting a company with soulful principles.


Co- Impact Sourcing’s main goal is not find the cheapest and more easily accessible supply for oils, as we see in many large companies in the world. It’s about reducing poverty by creating and sustaining jobs. Today we have 540.000+ lives impacted through dōTERRA’s sourcing efforts in 45 countries. 

These farmers, growers and distillers get paid fairly, on time and often receive a profit share of their batches. They’re able to provide for their families, send their children to school, and go to sleep with peace in their heart knowing with certainty that they will have work tomorrow.

Please know that when you’re buying your Frankincense, it’s not just your skin that’s getting more beautiful. Frankincense is hand picked by naturally grown trees in the desert of Somalia and every time you purchase you are contributing  contributed to their wellbeing as a community.

dōTERRA’s work with growers and farmers is not merely transactional. There is a genuine care in seeing these communities thriving and socially supported as well. That’s where the Healing Hands Foundation comes in.

From the very beginning, doTERRA® Founding Executives had the vision of “bringing healing and hope to the world through providing global communities with the tools needed to become self-reliant – empowering individuals and changing lives.” Their desire and commitment to “establish a pattern of giving” carries forward.

Nowadays, the dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation is working to give voices to those who have been silenced by poverty, trafficking, and other unpropitious circumstances. 

They support local communities being genuinely interested in what they need in order to thrive. There are a few projects currently supported by the Healing Hands Foundation. You can see them here.

The support does not stop there. Wellness Advocates can submit request for funds and dōTERRA will match 100% of the funds collected. All administrative costs are also covered by the company. Therefore donations go directly to aid.

Only in 2018 there were: 

Δ 279 homes repaired in Haiti;

Δ 6 new hospitals and medical clinics

Δ 9 schools built;

Δ 9 clean water projects.

Δ Celebration of a total of 100 projects receiving matching funds; 

Δ 295.000 euros raised only in Europe and directly implemented in projects. 

It’s time to talk about PURITY and TRANSPARENCY. 


Let me start by sharing with you about purity. When dōTERRA committed to producing the highest quality essential oils in the market, there was no testing in the market of essential oils that could guarantee the level of purity they were looking for. In order to overcome this challenge, they established CTPG testing. CTPG stands for Certified Therapeutic and Pure Grade. This is a unique testing system that analyses each batch of essential oil receive after the distillery process 8 times before it sends it to your home.

I know you might be thinking “Isa, how can we trust a test that’s established by the organisation itself?”

Having this in mind, recently dōTERRA went beyond. In 2017, they launched Source to You. Source to You offers an unseen transparency system in the market of essential oils. It raises the bar to a level of quality communication that no other company can compare itself to. This is a website open to the general public where they make available test results (made by an independent third party verified lab) of every single batch of essential oils. To access the Quality Report of your essential oils you simply look at the code at the bottom of your bottle (every bottle is labelled with a specific code) and type it on the website. It’s easy like that!

Two important notes:

  • you can only track single essential oils, not blends;
  • these tests started to be done after 2017, so if you try to look for a Quality Report and cannot find, it means that this bottle was produced before 2017. 

Using the oils forces me to dive in and understand where my pain or concern comes from in order to choose the correct oil. This intimacy of healing and nurturing oneself as well as others is pure, wise and empowering.  

Nicole Castaibert / Customer Service Analyst

what I love most is the ritual of creating a certain emotional space for little moments during the day by applying essential oils on my skin which make me feel nurtured and calm. Also, I love setting an atmosphere at home through the diffuser making me feel comforted and grounded.

Kistin Hippi / Financial Analyst

The doTERRA journey has accelerated my personal growth in ways I couldn’t have dreamt off. Using the oils has helped me break through limiting beliefs and choose love over fear.

Laura van de Vorst / Health Coach