Intention Setting for the New Year

intention setting for 2023

For years now I have been practicing this exercice on Intention Setting for the New Year. This has changed everything about the way I lead my life. It allows me to truly live an intentional life. 

I learned this practice from Ange Peters, and ever since it has been my favorite of all times to tune in to the vision of the year to come.

TIP: Take about 4-5 hours to go over the followin questions. December is always my favorite month to do this but you can actually step into this process at anytime that suits you.


This is a summary of what we will be doing: 

1. REFLECT on the story of this last year: the growth, achievements, challenges, the highlights.

2. MOVE BEYONG and dropping all the dreams in your heart into different sections of your life. 

3. SET AN INTENTION about the state of being and state of feeling you want to experience in the coming year. 

4. CHOOSE YOUR COMMITMENTS from all your dreams the ones that you will actively pursue. 

5. CREATE A DAY BY DESIGN so you have a strategy to put your dreams into action

6. SCHEDULE the important things so that the most important things have space in your agenda and your focus.

7. VISION BOARD IT: Create a collage of powerful images that invoke an emotional connection to your dreams.

All things are created twice … first in the mind and then through action ~ Peter Debora Drucker






Step 1. Pause and reflect, what was once a dream and it’s now your “new normal”?

Perhaps it’s where you live (country or home), your work choice, your community, working with people you love, who inspire you, perhaps your level of spiritual development, inner peace… etc.
A new health condition, periods without pain, more energy when you wake up, less dramatic flus, etc.

Write it all down and soak it in. 


I want you to move beyond gratitude into a state of AWE. 
Be amused about your own life and what you are creating. 


Step 2. Reflect  upon your goals for the past year.

  • What did you achieve this year that has been a mark in your life?
  • Where was your focus on the last year?
  • What are the main highlights? 

This is also a good moment to think about income. Reflect upon your current income and check in with yourself if it feels aligned to set this as a base income level for the coming year. 


Step 3. Reflect and write down on the challenges of the last year. 

  • What did you learn?
  • Where did you grow? 




Step 4. It’s time to dream drop. Let’s think further. 

  • What is posisble for the year to come?
  • What do you believe will grow in the coming year?
  • What will YOU grow the coming year? 
  • Do an exercize to dream drop ALL that is on your mind into 4 different quadrants of your life:
    • physical body & health
    • social life & relationships
    • spiritual & personal development
    • financial & work



Step 5. Define:

  • In what state of being you want to live in the coming year?
  • What does this mean for you life?
  • How do you want to wake up every day in 2022?
  • What do you need right now to create this state of being and this state of feeling?

connection with likeminded people, being together, love, trust, surrender, selflove, community. 


Remember: you are already love, trust in yourself. Everything is already there, the only thing you need to do is tap into it.




Step 6. Divide your life into 4 categories:

    • physical body & health
    • social life & relationships
    • spiritual & personal development
    • financial & work
  • For each one of those, write:
    • 3 Things you are most grateful for in the last year (2022)
    • Your Affirmation
    • The following things have been on my heart to commit to. I know that I can’t do them all so the 3 that I have circled below are what I know is in alignment for me this year (dream drop and circle your top 3 ones). 
    • Transform these into SMART goals (specific, mesurable, attainable, relevant, time-based – I personally skip the time based recently. It creates a silly pressure on me. But I still make them SMAR 😉 ) 




Step 7. Create a day structure that supports your vision.


The way you structure your day will define how likely you are to stay committed to your vision. All great deeds are created one day, one action at the time. 

Become super intentional about how your day looks like. 

Some questions to support you:

  • are you priorities clear in your day?
  • Do you produce before you consume?
  • How to you ensure the most important things get done?


Here is a tip how my day-by-design looks like

6am – 8:30am

Morning with my kids. Breakfast with doTERRA Vegan Protein & doTERRA Greens. Prioritize play time and make sure my kids leave home filled with love. 

8:30 – 9:00

Clean up the house

9:00 – 10:30:

Morning ritual: meditation, energy work with essential oils, move my body, journal,

set 3 priorities for the day


Priority 1.

produce content for the day (I do this even before showering. I love taking the flow from my practice and getting this energy into my most important thing: to connect with my customer base + team). 


Shower and get ready

Afternoon: check in with my assistant on goals for the day, team calls, sales calls, customer support. This is where I open my whatsapp / social media, not earlier.

Work on priorities 2 & 3. Go LIVE  2x week. 


Make dinner


Boys come home. Play time, family time, fun time, bed time. 


Sometimes work a little more to wrap the day, 3 x week do a check in + connect to my beloved. 


Bed time



Now it’s time to reverse engeneer the most important events of the year. Think about important launches, intense work seasons, vacation seasons, travels, etc. Write ALL dates down. Month by month, trying to create an overview of all the moments you need to be focused on. 

Reverse engeneer what needs to happen for these events to be in place. 

For example, if you have a program running in April, March is dedicated for promotion and sales, February for creating content, visuals, etc. 



That’s the most fun part of all! If you are any good in photoshop, imagine photoshoping yourself into what you wanna manifest! 

Or if you wanna a more practical way, go ahea to pinterest, grap your images and make a collage on canva (this is how I created mine). My vision board is the wall paper from my phone and computer. Every single day I get reminded what’s important to me: intimacy with my partner, having my kids playing in nature, living a free life, connection to my sexual power, beautiful homes and manifesting luxury in life. 



This is also a perfect time to gain more clarity on the energetics in your business.

Here is an ebook that can help you in this process and activate the coming year with passion and possibilities on what you can create when you work WITH your personal blueprint and natural talents. Click on the image to download.

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