Rise is an initiation into a next professional level. 

It’s an activation of a deeper knowing inside yourself.

Who you are when you stand tall. 

Rise is a business coaching program for entrepreneurs ready to expand their business.

Here world class marketing strategies meet refined energetics. 

It’s a journey to take full responsibility of leading yourself first. 

In this program, there is space for your desires, intuition, spiritual guidance, as much as there is space for a coherent action plan that will bring you structure and results. 


  1. Gain clarity and new perspectives of direction, with a calm mind how to move forward in your business. 
  2. Grow into your greatness, take full responsibility for your life and believe in your personal magic. 
  3. Refine the energetics in your personal and biz life in a way that you lead yourself first;
  4. Develop a clear strategy plan and take inspired action towards your vision. 


This is a group program taking place between 10 January 2023 to 10 April 2023.

There are 6 modules, recorded weekly in videos and saved so that you can work on your own pace.

There are 6 LIVE calls (biweekly) where you can receive personalized coaching.

Module 1. BUYER: who are you here to serve;

Module 2. VOICE: master authentic communication & master your message

Module 3. SALES FUNNEL: customer journey and relationship building 

Module 4. WEALTH: money mindset, energetics and creating financial freedom

Module 5. STRATEGY: creating a roadmap for doing what needs to be done and showing up consistently to your vision 

Module 6. ENERGETIC SIGNATURE: self leadership, personal power, understanding feminine and masculine energy in biz.



  • embrace their business cycles as a path of alignment;
  • recognize their service as a portal for the depths of their being;
  • see their business as life artistry;
  • are ready to transform their business in a playground for growth, joy and pleasure;
  • want to make bold choices, in your biz and personal life, to set boundaries, to cast a vision and to show up diligently towards this vision. 
  • are ready to find the answers inside themselves and trust their gut wisdom, even when the world says the contrary. 


777,- euro

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Have you been looking for a coaching program that combines mindset AND skills training?

A program where you can learn massive skillset to start/scale a business AND want to check in with belief systems rolling the background? 

Do you sometimes feel like the offerings of people who inspire you are either so poetic aligned energetically but are missing the skills, the concrete tools to put it practice?

Maybe you are stocked about a program that teaches skills, but you miss the energetics?

Strategy is the art of mastering masculine energies in your business.

It’s operated in the field of the mind, brings clarity and it’s logical. Strategy is the backbone, the groundwork. 

Intuition is the art of embodying the feminine energies in business.

It’s not logical but has a deep knowing to it. Magic, miracles, illogical business growth operates in this realm. It doesn’t make sense and yet it’s possible. 


Do you feel the desire of taking aligned action? 

Actions that will bring results AND feel aligned with the downloads you are receiving at a moment in time? 

This program encorporates a dance between both:
what you desire AND what works. 

Being aligned with your truth AND nailing the actions that move the needle. 

You are ready to speak about (big) money and at the same time you know that it’s al about raising the frequency of love and joy in your life. 

Ready to speak about tracking sheets, finance clarity, detailed number overview as much as she’s ready to speak about trusting her gut feeling and listening to her intuition. 

I am here to be fully honest: 

Believing blindly in the storyline “do what you love and the rest come by itself” is complete BS!

There is potency in working on mindset. 

But there is even more potency in combining mindset with actions that bring results. 


This is where your intuition meets with proven methods. They create a dance that propels  you forward. 

  • Ready to let your desires lead your business? 
  • Ready to embrace pleasure as part of the way?
  • Ready to step into the new realm of world-class marketing strategies?

You are in the right place. 



All participants will gather on a Facebook group where the recordings will be made available and saved. 

The LIVE coaching calls are held via zoom. 

Afte the 3 months, no extra content will be added to the program. However, you will have lifetime access to the content and the community. 

Yes, you can! You can email me and ask for extra coaching sessions at anytime. I will share my availability with you. Extra private sessions are 60 min long and cost 177,- euro per session.