Let me introduce you to our team, The Next Step Leadership.

For some special reason, our paths crossed up leading you HERE, to this page. If you accessed this page and if you are ready to engage with this manifesto through the end, it means that you are ready for some radical change. 

You are ready to say YES to the possibility?
The Next Step Leardership will open up for you the possibility

To start shaping the life of your dreams…
Teaming-up with other like-hearted-souls…
Having location and time independence in your work…
Creating a pipeline that gives you true financial freedom…

Meet our team

who we are

The Next Step Leadership is boundless.

Here… you are welcome to be yourself. Bring your ambitiousness, hug it with your empathy for other creatures, play sexy and wild in the fields, speak the truth of the healer inside of you, unleash the witch/wizard that sleeps in the depth of your soul, raise as the medicine-woman/man that you are. Create your reality, allow yourself to be wealthy, healthy and free.

The Next Step is inviting you to step out of the illusion of any of your self-limiting beliefs and start to create your own reality because you already know that everything is dependent on you!

The Next Step Leadership is a team of master manifestors.

As a The Next Step Leader, you are ready to know that they are worthy of receiving all the abundance they wish for.
You know there is a higher mission to be served in this life.
You are open to, and actually love, receiving abundance in return for your efforts.

The Next Step Leadership is made of miracle workers.

You also know that miracles are a consequence of being fully committed with your actions, working consistently towards your vision.  
Miracles come when you are present enough to see the magic. You are co-creating your dream life.
Intention, presence and inspired action is what you bring forth into every second of your day.




The • Next • Step 
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A community change makers, visionaries and pioneers in the health industry. We hold space for a progressive view of what’s possible within your physical, emotional and financial life. Trust worthy, we offer high quality services in an emphatic and helpful way.

Lead er ship

Leadership is not a title or designation. Leadership is about impacting, inspiring and influencing people. Impacting involves reaching results, influencing is the art of sharing a passion for your work.

In this sharing process, you inspire your community with your behaviour and actions.

It’s about taking ownership of your strengths and talents, and using them to inspire others.

Meet our team






We gather and empower women and men who are making conscious choices to shape their physical, emotional, spiritual and financial lives.

By impacting our community with our service, we give other women permission to be themselves, speak their truth, follow their dreams, take an active role in making the world a better place and ultimately, raise consciousness.




Get to know our:

MEDICINE:  dōTERRA essential oils

BIGGEST TREASURE: our community

MOTTO: actions speak louder than words

GUIDE: our hearts

Healing Frankinsense Essential Oil in doTERRA box


We’ve chosen to partner with dōTERRA Essential oils, as one of the most inspiring and ethical companies in the world today. Let me show you some mind-blowing reasons:

CTPG: Certified Therapeutic and Pure Grade

dōTERRA offers the purest oils in the world. It’s not only a company with a soul but it’s also fully committed to transparency and scientific research. Under each bottle of single oils you can find a code that will allow you to access a quality report and complete supply chain on this oil on the website Source To You.

Co-Impact Sourcing

This soulful company goes beyond  finding the best places in the world where plants grow, it also includes working with farmers in developing countries, reducing poverty by creating and sustaining jobs. Co-Impact Sourcing cares for offering consistent, fair payment to producers, including micro-loans. Supporting farmers with financial support and multi-year contracts based on solidarity and respect. 

Healing Hands Foundation

The work with local community of farmers does not stop at the level of professional support. dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation helps support community development projects in these communities such as schools, heath clinics, training facilities and clean water systems. Let me tell you here, it’s not about going there and assuming they know what a community needs. It’s about building humane interactions, asking what they would like to be supported with and listening from a heartfelt space. 


Now let me share with you some mind-blowing numbers of what has already been achieved:

  • dōTERRA has been for 11 years in the market, in the seventh year the company became a 1billion dollar company, a growth compared to companies like Apple. 
  •  In 2018, the annual revenues were of 1.6 billion dollars. 
  • According to a study, in the next 10 years, dōTERRA will become a $ 20 to 30 billion company.
  • The company is currently present in 50 countries worldwide and counting.
  • There are more than 6 million accounts registered and active (Customers and Wellness Advocates) worldwide.  
  • dōTERRA has the highest retention rate among Network Marketing companies, accounting for 65% of all registered accounts. The average of the Network Marketing industry is 10%. There is a simple and easy explanation for the high retention rate (returning costumers): everyone falls in love with the oils. 
  • 85% of the registered accounts are Wholesale Customers (regular consumers) and 15% are Wellness Advocates. This provides an exceptionally stable customer base.
  • In 2017, dōTERRA was ranked by Forbes magazine among the top 10 mid-sized companies to work in the United States (they are a fun team!).
  • The company is one of the market leaders in Network Marketing;
  • Why is it a market leader in Network Marketing? Because the compensation plan (how you can earn) is one of the most generous in the industry. 
  • Network Marketing is the fastest growing industry in the world (200 billion annually). If you have some resistances about it, please read my thoughts on it at the end of this page. 
  • 75% of the highest payment levels of dōTERRA’s sales representatives (or essential oil educators) are women, mothers, between 35 and 45 years old, who have never worked with Network Marketing before. Yep, you read this right, we are talking about a company where women rank the highest paid salaries. 

    the time is NOW.

    Europe is dōTERRA’s fastest growing market. Watching the numbers of the video below you will understand… 

    There is no other opportunity like this in world today. 

It sounds pretty good, right?

But the feeling of fulfilment goes beyond the numbers.
Check out what some of our team members have to say below. 

Why partnering with doTERRA


As a part of The Next Step Community you are committed to:


  • Freakin’ sitting and meditating daily (or at least on a regular basis). Having a practice where you observe your mind and emotions is a must for you;
  • Prioritising your well being by eating healthy, honouring your body with exercises, giving you a daily dose of healthy uplifting supplements;
  • Loving your essentials oils, in such a way that you reach out to them 10..20..30 times a day.
  • Walking your talk;
  • Following through with your commitments;
  • Coming up with no excuses and showing up 100% responsible for what’s happening in your life, and your biz;
  • Having JOY is a guide through your day;
  • Serving others from a place of sincere empathy;
  • Loving watching others thrive and grow;
  • Embracing your dreams and taking your ambitious damn serious;
  • Giving yourself permission to be wealthy and working on your financial mindset; You know money is an amplifier of who you are and you have wonderful plans on how to distribute it for the greater good of all;
  • Sharing, sharing, sharing! Seeing the possibility of emotional, physical and financial expansion as a vehicle to serve humanity;
  • Showing up in the world. Letting yourself be seen. You know that you playing small is not helping the world. You are ready to show up and share your gift to the world;
  • Remaining a “growth junkie” for life (that’s for the ones who love to work on themselves and become a better person every single day). 

This might not be for you if you…

  • Are overwhelmed with life at the moment. Clarity is a must in this biz;
  • Blame other people and circumstances for what happens in your life;
  • Don’t follow through with commitments;
  • Are looking for a “get-rich-quick” scheme. This is about long term commitment. 
  • Feel intimidated by the growth and success of others; For us, empowering our team members is a place full of joy. If you cannot feel comfortable doing this, it might not be the right place for you. 
  • Want to stay in your comfort zone. dōTERRA is the only system where you get paid to become your highest potential. For that, you need to go outside your comfort zone, where the magic happens.
  • Don’t love people. This is a people business. It’s about helping others and caring genuinely for it. If working with people is not your cup of tea, you might want to reconsider another option. 
  • Struggle following through and finishing what you started. This biz invites you to show up consistently in a space of service and dedication. 

Can you feel your heart racing?

Are you ready to align working with your purpose, feeling closely connected to Nature, inviting abundance into your life?

Meet our team
Then it's a match!
Book a call with me here

How it looks like in practice

Your dōTERRA journey (made simple)

  • You’ll get started by ordering a kit (read below how to) and just getting to know your new mates, your essential oils; We always share from a genuine place of using and loving the oils. The “loving them” part is easy, that’s just how this flows.
  • After realising that you are using your oils for (literally) everything, you will decide to share them with your closed ones.
  • That’s when we schedule a call and speak about the best place within our Team of Soulful Leaders you can get started;
  • You will receive a “tailor-made” training from myself or other team member where we will teach you everything that we know on how to share the oils effectively.
  • We’ll have weekly 1×1 coaching calls where you can get full support to grow soulfully in this business.
  • You are also invited to join our weekly team calls where we share successes, challenges and learning tips.
  • That’s when you start hosting classes, or gatherings. Believe me, this is the most fun part of all. Each and every single week you will invite friends and friends of friends to gather around the best essential oil and talk about how to be healthier and happier in life;
  • As you share the oils, you will attract other like-minded souls who want to grow with you too. That’s where the magic happens. You want to have people who inspire you in your team. People who you can look up towards. You will share all you know with them and cheer on their growth. 
  • When your leaders grow, you will rank advance with them. What does this means? That HERE you start to create real residual income. That you can invite your partner home from his stressful job, that you can choose in what location, at what time you want to work, that you can do fulfilling work, earning a good income AND having time to your loved ones. 
  • This is a model where we grow TOGETHER. It’s away from the model of competition and into the new reality of collaborative leadership. 

The business opportunity

One of the beautiful parts of this model is that it adjust to your reality. Your earnings will reflect many factors such as the amount of hours you would like to work, effort, interpersonal skills and leadership abilities. What suits you best?

Sharers make up to 62% of active Wellness Advocates. Those individuals are passionate about the oils, and share them with their loved ones. Through sharing consistently, they get their essential oils for free. It’s like having a free natural healthcare system.

23% of all active Wellness Advocates are our Builders. Builders are usually working part-time while significantly supplementing their income with dōTERRA.

Leaders compose 1% of all active Wellness Advocates. This is the group partnering with dōTERRA to create radical change in their lives, by giving themselves the permission to earn an income that can get as high as 7-figures annually. 

This path that has been walked by many. It’s not only feasible, it is possible. Our team comes from a “tree” or organisation of Wellness Advocates that’s extremely successful. We have 6 Presidential Diamonds, 1 Diamond, 3 Platinum and 1 Gold leaders that came before us. They offer guidance and support throughout our trajectory. I have been personally trained by dōTERRA’s highest level paid Wellness Advocate, Alysse Sedevic. Everything that she taught me about being successful in this business, I am teaching you. This is truly a model where sharing and caring are the cornerstones of our growth 

You can find the complete Earning Disclaimer from 2018 here.

Awesome! I’m ready to get started.


1. order your STARTER KIT

I recommend the Natural Solutions or the Home Essentials Kit.

2. Let’s Schedule a call 

I prepared a form bellow for you to get started. 

get started now

How to get started with your account |  Step by step

  • Click this link: mydoterra.com/isacaporali
  • Click Join & Save
  • Choose your Country and Language (note: Europe first) 
  • Choose Wholesale Customer
  • Important! Please DO NOT enrol as a Wellness Advocate. Let’s first have our call and we will upgrade your account to Wellness Advocate together making sure my team and I can support you in the best way possible.
  • Enter your personal information. There is no need to include your tax information if you’re not intending to share the oils with your friends and family.
  • At *Enroller id*, enter our number: 4817545
  • Then click verify – it should say Isadora Caporali
  • Allocate yourself a password
  • Click over to the next page
  • Select what kit you’d like to order, such as the Home Essentials Kit.You can enrol without a kit but if you are planning on doing a business, I strongly recommend you to choose a kit. Otherwise, please see the Essential Oils page on this website. 
  • Click on “view totals” to confirm the final amount of your order. Next month, you will receive the shipping back in free product points. In Europe it’s equivalent to 8.5PV.
  • Choose your payment method, and process your order.
  • Note: Do not return the page when you are at the payment page. This creates an error with your email address and will require you to create a new account from scratch with a different e-mail address. 
  • Once your payment is completed, you will receive an email from dōTERRA. After that, please make sure to fill up the form below and I will personally contact you for us to start your journey together. 


    Fill out the form bellow:

Error: Contact form not found.

What I offer YOU:

    • a FREE 60min Wellness Consult. Because you made a big investment in your health and future, I want to invest in you. In this 60 minute call, we will look into your health priorities and make a daily protocol of use of the oils. 
    • a PDF on 150 ways to use your Starter Kit;
    • Access to our Continued Education Program on Essential Oils;
    • Access to our weekly Team Coaching Calls;
    • 25% discount on all dōTERRA products for the next 12 months;
    • Access to our Empowerment Journey. A complete overview on how to launch quickly and grow fast. 
I'm ready to sign up
Soulful Leadership In pracice




dōTERRA is an opportunity for healing physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially.

It is a work that unites leadership, self-development, and service while creating  a positive ripple effect in people’s lives.

There is no other opportunity like this in the world today. 

I’m still not convinced, isa…

That’s ok. Let me help you out of your resistances. 



I totally get that. A lot of people feel that way. The thing I love is that dōTERRA is meant to be a network marketing company. There is no other model that serves it so well. First of all, people need to be educated when getting their essential oils. You simply cannot safely sell those in a retail shop without previous education.

This is all planned. Mother Earth is on a mission of healing the world. To heal the world you need to heal every single individual. The chance of pure grade essential oils entering 7 million houses in a retail shop model is simply not possible. Before dōTERRA essential oils were seen as hippie who-hoo. Nowadays, they are respected natural medication being used by doctors and hospitals all over the world. 

There is simply no better way for Mother Earth to do that than via Network Marketing, the easiest and most powerful way to get the word out. Network marketing is THE opportunity to educate and empower the ones we love with natural solutions. 



While pyramid schemes have been common in the 80s, it’s important to mention that they are illegal nowadays. That being said, it is simply not possible that the largest company of essential oils in the world is having an illegal activity.

As a second point, it’s important to mention that pyramid schemes do not have any product, they sell only an opportunity to earn money by bringing others in the team. This is by far NOT what dōTERRA is about. 85% of all accounts are from wholesale customers, this is a huge customers database. This is unheard of in Network Marketing companies. Finally, dōTERRA’s compensation plan is built in such a way that you are not frantically looking for new partners but empowering the 3 leaders you build this business with. Sure, you are looking for business partners but just like in every other organisation you would assemble your organisational team with sales and marketing specialists.


Yep, that’s right. And it should be. You see, you are consistently voting with your dollar. Every time you purchase something you are supporting the world you want to live in. dōTERRA is an organisation with the highest ethical and scientific standards. We are consciously choosing to work with global partners and to invest in local communities with Healing Hand Foundations, this increases company costs. We are talking about giving people dignity and there is a price to it. 

Finally, the essential oils being so expensive allows us to truly value what it is. Think about, a bottle of Lemon Essential Oil has 15ml and approx. 60 lemons in it. Imagine being able to buy 60 lemons for 3 dollars. That’s insane. The price reflects the care to nature and humans involved in that production price. It’s precious and it should be. 

I have a video covering all these topics HERE.