The story i’m about to tell you is not only about my life.

It’s about all of us. 

Teachers & students 

mentors & leaders

business women & yogis 

witches & alchemists

healing, transforming, expanding & becoming




Do you see yourself in any of those?


If so, grab a cup of tea

(or a cup cacao if you prefer).



Do you see yourself in any of those?

If so, grab a cup of tea

(or a cup cacao if you prefer).


The Dream

January 1, 1993

At the age of 5, my dream was to work with Doctors Without Borders. Born in a small town in Minas Gerais, raised by my mom who was revolutionary woman, a feminist activist and local politician, I knew I had a mission of helping healing the world and I should be was location independent. I was taught to speak up, be strong and independent. Not so much to be vulnerable and kind towards myself. Nowadays, I’m happy to combine it all.

The Whisper

August 7, 2002

I discover my wild and free side. By the age of 14, the Great Goddess (Divine Feminine) is whispering in my ear about the true nature of my spirit. I find myself surrounded by a group of free and open minded women. We dance naked around the bonfire, collect crystals and start learning of witchcraft. For the first time, I’m getting a glimpse that mission in this life is about creating spaces where we can reconnect to our wild woman. 

The Exchange

January 7, 2005

My first experience abroad is for an exchange program in The Netherlands, it felt like arriving home in a country of conscious, open-minded people. I fall in love with a Dutch man, and after returning to Brazil to study 1 year of Business University while I am preparing to return to Holland for a bigger adventure.

The Mind

September 1, 2008

I spend 4 years following a Bachelors and Master Program in Human Rights in The Netherlands. As an idealist, I had the intention of making the world a better place.  Still, I let go of my spirituality and spend a good period only working with my mind. I am getting smarter but not happier. This is also the period where I meet my soul-sisters: ass kickers, multi-passionate entrepreneurs, dreams and doers.

The Burnout

August 7, 2013

By the age of 25 I experienced my first burn-out. I am living in Amsterdam, having a paid job, an internship, writing my master thesis and partying way too much. I am engaged to my partner but in reality, our relationship is chaotic. I feel disconnected from myself. To the outside world, I was living an amazing life. My agenda was always booked, from one social event to the next.  And then, I crashed. There was no respect for myself or my body. Neither there was alignment with my beliefs. I can’t even remember the last time I was connected to my spirituality or self-development. It was time for a big change.

The Business

April 4, 2014

When things don’t go well: move to the beach. I thought changing my surroundings was the solution. So I move back to Brazil, rent a house by the beach in the paradise of Ubatuba and decide to follow my heart and open a soulful business. It was the first online subscription for natural cosmetics in my home country. I’m doing some coaching and get a glimpse of meditation. Nonetheless, my lack of self-love and feelings of not being good enough still haunt me. While I wasn’t ready to look into the real pain, I’m starting to wake up, bit by bit. Life is still busy while my company is rising powerfully and I’m learning the in’s and out’s of being an entrepreneur.

The Chaos

February 28, 2016

It all turned upside down. Chaos  entered my life. In the first week of 2017, by the age of 27, I see myself running a successful business in São Paulo, living with my partner and working 60-hours/week. That’s when Saturn Return comes into play. I see Kali repetitively in my dreams (without even knowing who Kali was by the time). In a period of 6 months, my mom, who was also my business partner and best friend, get’s terminally ill. She passes away after 5 months and this event makes me question my entire lifestyle and values. One month later, my partner leaves overnight and my company goes bankrupt. I experience shame in all levels and get face to face with a feeling of failure. In that dark space, the light came in.

The Awakening

March 15, 2017

I open myself up for healing. It all starts with essential oils. My path opens up with books and people send divinely to show me truth. I quit everything: close my company, sell all my furniture and go on a journey of self-discovery. I welcome every  tool that can help me out of the pain: Soul Reading, Corporal Therapy, Astrology, Coaching. I become a spirit junkie, a “growth addict”.  I’m decided to shift my reality. These were the most incredible days. On the road, with my journal and feeling the bliss of awakening. Finally, I understand that I am the creator.All the good and the pain was created by me.  Limitless, Love and Presence are my true nature. Spirit is tapping on my shoulder and calling me into my real mission: to help others discover their true nature as well.

The Mentor

October 10, 2017

A new part of me is born. In one year I follow a Soul Reading Initiation, a Reiki initiation (2 levels), an Astrology training, a Buddhist Meditation Retreat in Nepal and become a Certified NLP and Life Coach. I become familiar with Shamanic practices and medicine, such as the medicine of Cacao that I share in ceremonies nowadays, and last but not least, dōTERRA comes on my path. From the very first moment, I knew this was the playground for the lifestyle and growth I was looking for.

The Heart

November 20, 2018

My heart soften as I learn what self-love truly means. I feel guided by the Divine Mother in every step of the way. She’s bringing me to my mission. By an intervention of life I find myself hosting Full Moon Women Circles and Cacao Ceremonies. In the most challenging periods of my life, there is always a women, a friend, a mother to hold my way. My relationship to nature changes, I’m learning its language. My use of the oils becomes totally intuitive. I have become an expert in emotional balance with plant based medicine, something I have always been deep inside. It only had to be uncovered. My heart is full and open wide.

The Dream-Reality

July 1, 2019

I move to the Caribbean. Actually, I’m living the life I dreamed in my awakening period, 3 years before.  It was not a smooth road, but it brought me where my heart wanted to be. I let go of relationships that did’n’t serve me, to commit 100% to my vision and to dare saying YES to the opportunities that life brought me. I learned to receive, to work on my abundance mindset and to improve myself daily to be the best version of myself (for myself, my beloved partner, my team, my family & friends). I’m location independent: part of the year I live in Bonaire, Amsterdam and Brazil. I’m time independent: time is a concept, an energy and you can be sovereign in your relationship with it. I choose when to work and how to organize my life. This is priceless. I’m financially independent: dōTERRA has offered me the opportunity to earn a living working online while having a close community growing together. I live in the house of my dreams, the ocean breeze blows into my office window and I have found the most incredible partner I could ever dream off (I could never have dreamed him so amazing as he is). I heal my body and my family only with the support of essential oils. I eat healthy and have my daily practice. My dream has become my reality.

The Mother

May 22, 2020

Transformation entered my life together with motherhood. My first son Joshua was born and it’s an understatement to say that everything changed. It was not only about the ryte of passage of becoming a mother. It was also about meeting all my shadows, being alone in an island, during pandemic. What was once a dream quickly became a challenging transformational process. Here I had to learn to let go of what I thought I would be as a mom, and embrace a true and raw version of myself. My second pregnancy came while Joshua was only six months (I had barely recovered from birth). My business trippled size in 4 months. I saw myself with a baby at home, often alone, pregnant and running a big ass business. A sense of collapse felt near.

The Transformation

January 1, 2022

The first two years of my children represented the awakening of the Wild Women in me. As pandemic shifted how we live and relate to each other in the collectively level, I also went through the depths of my transformational journey. Here I learned about ending victm patterns in my life, setting crystal clear boundaries in my personal life and business, how to drop the idea of being a savior and actually focus my time and effort on leading myself (daily). It’s been a process of stepping into my power in ways I have never done before. It became clear that the life at the island did not serve me in this new form (mother, sucessful entrepeneur). I had to make bold moves, so we returned to the Netherlands as a family and spend some months in a forest house where time started to collapse and quantum leaps to be experienced.

The Biz Badass

August 8, 2022

A new business women was born. This is the moment where I stepped into a level of expansion I hadn’t experienced before. My dōTERRA organization got over 1700 customers, about 70 leaders actively doing the business together. I hired assistants, invested heavily in coaching programs and decided to build a new business model and offerings. I become a devoted student of energetics, understand how the creation of matter actually takes place in this Earth plane. Coaching came back to the table and epic creations on business, relationship and life started to lead a new generation of customers. This expansive phase sets a new tone in my business path.



What lifts you up?


Passion the fire in my heart. The driving force behind everything I do. I breath in passion for life, for growth, for human and for Mama Nature. Intense desire, enthusiasm. We are so privilege to be alive right now, in this time of awakening. Life is a playground filled with possibilities of pleasure and fun. 

I’m passionate about Essential Oils and all the healing possibilities Mother Nature is so openly providing us with. Do you want to uncover this passion too? 

Fall in love with essential oils

What do you want to create?


“The privilege of a life time is being who you are.The heroic life is living the individual adventure. There is no security in following the call to adventure. Nothing is exciting when you know what the outcome is going to be. To refuse the call means stagnation”. (Joseph Campbell, The Hero’s Journey)

Today, you can create anything you would like. You are the creator (and darling, also the destroyer). The most important is: you always have a choice. In a world of endless possibilities, what are the choices that you are making right now, in this exact moment? My tip is to always follow your bliss.

What we can create together

What’s your legacy?


What world do you want to leave behind for the generations to come? How do you want to reminded? What kind of impact do you wish to have in other people’s lives? The calling is bigger than ourselves, bigger than our fears and insecurities. If you heard the calling to leave behind a legacy of love, compassion and healing, you know what I am talking about. The Rainbow Warriors, leading the way of a New Era of consciousness. Thank you for coming here on this time and for doing this mission together. 

join the revolution