New Moon in Capricorn 26th December 2019 :: Step Into Trust

The next 15 days after the New Moon in Capricorn are inviting you to step into the New Year with full trust. We are in the middle of a sacred window, usually called the 12 Sacred Nights between 24 and 04 December where you are able to gain incredible insights to predict your lessons and growth in 2020.

Besides that, this New Moon in Capricorn, happening right after Christmas or Solstice brings an explosion of energy and drive so that you enter the new year with full force.

What’s the one emotion that you can tap into? TRUST.

Trust your dreams, your gut feeling, the wisdom of your heart, the sequence of events in your life. Know that you are the master of your destiny and that you can make conscious choices for your personal growth, at any time.


Enjoy the last days of the year and this beautiful energy of Capricorn – which is all about planning – to get more clarity in your life. Look back, be grateful, make conscious choices for your next year that will guide your actions. Start to create an exciting vision for your life: where do you want to be? Who you want to be? How do you want to serve?

Individuals who are happy and successful have a predetermined used of their time. Before the year starts, they know what they want to experience, in what areas they will expand. Give yourself this gift too.

Here are some essential oils to support you in this planning work:

Frankincense: the king of oils reveals deceptions and false truths, it invites you to go off lower vibrations and remember that you are the co-creator of your reality.

Geranium: the essential oil of love and trust it restores confidence in yourself and in the world.

Align (essential oil blend): by calling your soul back into alignment, this blend from doTERRA’s Yoga Collection will calibrate your integrity to listen to your heart’s wishes.

Here is what we are going to do. Take a few hours for yourself, without any interruption, find a comfortable place where you can sit and write, brainstorm, etc. Get your essential oils with you and sit in silence to sink into the moment.

Take a few deep wonderful inhalations with these oils and while you are doing so, ask for guidance. You might want to massage your neck and forehead with these oils, and also apply some geranium in your heart.


The quality of our lives is determined by the quality of our questions.

Tony Robbins
  • What I am mostly grateful for in 2019?
  • What’s one word that describes 2019?
  • What were the highlights of this year?
  • In what areas did I grew most? Who inspired me to grow (remember to keep learning from these teachers)?
  • What areas I realize I need to develop in?
  • What is the one area that doesn’t align with my “best life” vision?
  • Are you aware of a story you’ve been telling yourself that doesn’t serve you?

I got this inspiration and so much more from the program A Beautiful Life Lab.


Now follow these 5 steps to align your daily life to your dreams.

Step 1.

Dream drop your ideas for 2020. You might want to separate what you want to commit in different areas such as: Health, Spirituality, Work, Relationships, Finance.

Step 2.

Choose the top 3 ones most aligned with your vision, the ones really worthy of achieving in 2020.

Step 3.

Ask yourself what are the the daily steps you need to take in order to achieve this vision. Create a perfect day outline or powerful routine for yourself. Here is mine:

Morning 6 – 10
– Wake up with affirmations
– Brush teeth + scrap tongue
– Make bed + clean room
– Small meal
– Walk dogs or clean the floor –> shower
– 30 min Yoga
– Breakfast with supplements

Midday 10 – 17:30
– 30 min podcast/ training
– Create before I consume: Priority of the day – see calendar 1.5 hours
– Lunch Break
– Calls (team calls)
– Presentations / Wellness Consults / Business Meetings 1 hour
– Contact people: email, whatsapp, social media replies 1.5 – 2 hours
– Priority of the day 2 – 1 hour

Evening 17:30 – 21:30
– Beach walk with the dogs, watch the sunset
– Dinner with supplements
– Clean kitchen, prep breakfast – when suitable
– Phone on Airplane mode
– Enjoy time with Carel, read a book
– Thursday: host essential oil classes

Step 4:

Integrate into your weekly schedule your perfect day combining it with the tasks that you will bring you close to your goals or vision. Think about having a theme for each day. I have a post on Instagram that covers this topic.

Step 5:

Create an annual strategy dividing what you want to focus on and create each month. Think about your goals, personal development plans, seasons of focus, events you want to attend, etc.

Love, I cannot even tell you here how powerful this ritual is. I did it in 2018 and my life has been growing exactly life I envisioned it.


1. Frankincense

Frankincense is not called the King of Oils for no reason, it allows for spiritual connection, trust, healing the relationship with the masculine, revealing the truth and just as some extra sides benefits – because hey, mama nature loves to blow our minds – it also supports the immune system, reduces inflammation, helps healing internal and external wounds, skin regeneration, reduces stress and anxiety, supports hormonal balance, sleep and others. ⁠In this Ritual, it brings clarity and connection to Divine Guidance.

How to use: apply one drop on your forehead and one drop on your sublingual.

Until Jan 15th 2020 there is an amazing promotion from doTERRA where you get a FREE Frankincense. By placing any order of 200PV and above, for example with an enrolment kit or any order from existing costumers you will automatically receive a free Frankincense.

To get started, just send me a message HERE.

2. Geranium

By guiding us back to trust in the wisdom of our hearts, Geranium leads us in a path to connect the logical mind and the desires of the soul. It heals the heart from uncertainty bringing trust in life and encouraging emotional honesty.

3. Align

A blend with Bergamot, Coriander, Marjoram, Peppermint, Geranium, Basil, Rose and Jasmine, this is a powerful manifestation oil. Align helps to connect to the deepest truth of our beings and brings awareness that facilitates the growth of self-love, openness and trust.

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I would love to hear how your ritual of this New Moon in Scorpio went. Comment below the new insights and understandings that you had.

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