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Connection to Your Beloved | 6 tips for Intimacy

Welcome back in our journey of The Art of Connection. In the paragraphs bellow, we’ll enter the incredible space of pleasure, intimacy and partnership. On your journey as a wild women, you will soon acknowledge that an intimate partnership with another is of great magic for several reasons. It can lead is to discover new […]

The Art of Connecting to Your Vision | & tips how to manifest it

December is the perfect timing to reconnect to your Life Vision and become more clear about your manifestation field. The end of year vibes are inviting us to consciously manifest where we want our lives to head towards. Let’s dive deep. But first… let me (re)introduce you to our new blog series 😉 The Art […]

The Art of Connecting To The Conscious Mother

The Art of Connection To The Conscious Mother is the first post of a new series in this blog. The Art of Connection is a project inspiring women to connect to their inner truth and wisdom. This new blog format comes into the world in an unprecedented time of disconnection, separation and segregation. In this […]

New Moon in Taurus 22nd April 2020 :: Recollecting ourselves

New Moon in Taurus, time to recollect ourselves

This New Moon in Taurus invites us to reconnect to that what makes us feel connected, grounded, free and alive. It will bring unexpected changes, excitement and even a sense of rebellion. At this point, is our choice if we are going to label these changes good or bad. In the confinement from our homes, […]

New Moon in Pisces 23rd February 2020 :: Connecting to the Divine in You

Isadora laying on the grass with flower petals in the head representing the mystical aspect of this New Moon in Pisces

Today, with the New Moon in Pisces, we are called into a space of closing a cycle of powerful of outwards oriented energies. That cycle culminated two weeks ago with the Full Moon in Leo. The energy of Leo is like the energy of the sun, shining bright and focusing on the outside.During that time, […]

New Moon in Aquarius 24th January 2020 :: A Time of Awakening

new moon in Aquarius is a time of collective awakening

This New Moon in Aquarius calls us to celebrate being flexible, detach from what no longer served you in your life (old stories, patterns, relationships, beliefs). It’s time to wake up to the truth behind our personal stories, see ourselves as the ultimate creators of our realities (including our pains) and to celebrate your uniqueness. […]

New Moon in Scorpio 27th October 2019 :: The depth of your being

New Moon in Scorpio, embrace your darkness and bring it to light

The New Moon in Scorpio on October 27th invites us to travel beyond the realms from the known. To trust the unseen and revisit the parts of you who must die. Life and depth are two intrinsic parts of the same coin. One can only live a full life once it’s ready to let the […]

New Moon in Libra 28th September 2019 :: Relationship With All There Is

The New Moon in Libra on September 28th, invites us to look on our relationships, with ourselves, each other and with all there is in the Universe. A New Moon is the perfect opportunity to set out conscious intentions to work in something in your life. During the year we have 12 New Moons covering […]