New Moon in Scorpio 27th October 2019 :: The depth of your being

New Moon in Scorpio, embrace your darkness and bring it to light

The New Moon in Scorpio on October 27th invites us to travel beyond the realms from the known. To trust the unseen and revisit the parts of you who must die.

Life and depth are two intrinsic parts of the same coin. One can only live a full life once it’s ready to let the old parts go and invite in the new.

Time and again we see our lives being put into ashes, the transformational fire allows the new to be reborn, in new matter and expanded thought its previous lessons.

What it is in your life that it’s time to let go of?What are the old patterns and beliefs that held you back for so long, and now you are invited to let it burn? Are there aspects of your shadow that it’s time to embrace, love and honor it?

Perhaps you have been keeping yourself small not to bother others in the room. And this dress is getting too small. Allow yourself to grow, to outgrow others and transform your reality. There will always be parts of your life asking you to stay the same. When we hang on to any form we are endangered of petrification. Hell. Life drying up. Unbound and embrace the new forms of yourself that come out of the darkness.


Let’s go a on a journey into your dark side, shall we? For this New Moon in Scorpio Ritual allow yourself to feel sexy and even a little dirty, a little careless, a little carefree here.

Scorpio’s energy brings us to the depth of our soul, our deeply kept desires, and invites us to hold and honor all there it’s there, while at the same time, choosing wisely what we want to bring forward in our lives.

Here are some essential oils to support you in this deep work:

Copaiba: the essential oil of unveiling the past, reveal hidden truths and supports us in awakening to who we are really.;

Jasmine: healing past sexual trauma, this is a beautiful essential oil to feel sexy and open to new experiences;

Black Pepper: supports you in unmasking aspects of yourself you were told to believe they were bad.

To get started, get your chosen oils, apply them on your hands and do a few deep inhalations, rub your back, belly and soles of your feet with them, and let’s get to some reflection time.

Ask yourself:

  • What part of my life must die in order for the new to be born?
  • What is my dark side? Is it fear, anger, jealousy, resentment?
  • Can I visit my dark side, learn the lessons it has to teach me and bring them to the light?
  • How can I embrace the wild in me? What’s that crazy decision I’ve been postponing for so long and now needs to come to life?
  • This is also a chance to get clear about your financial struggles. What areas of my life am I still financially dependent or chaotic? What decision can I commit to today in order to change this scenario?


Write down your intentions, right here and now, to embrace a new form of you, more conscious and in alignment. As you do that, get clear about what specifically you are letting go from, set an intention for a new attitude, way of seeing life and relation to others.


1. Copaiba

Copaiba is an essential oil that will support you unveiling parts of your past that still hold you back in stories of victimhood or misconceived ideas of who you are. Literally, this oil will help you let go of a lot of sh** you’ve been carrying around and no longer serves you to be happy and free. Besides that, it’s an incredible oil to support you nervous system. My personal tip is, don’t take it just today, use it daily, one drop on your sublingual. The results are fantastic!

2. Jasmine

The tender aroma of Jasmine is perfect to dive into intimacy and sexuality with yourself – or with a partner. For instance, jasmine supports dissolving old sexual trauma and as a result, it invites you to trust in sexual partnerships by respecting yourself and each other.

How to use: apply the roller on your heart and hips, around your reproductive organs.

3. Black Pepper

Since our childhood, we are told what is good or bad behaviour. Instead of seeking to understand the complex realm of our emotions, we are taught to repress and condem much of what we felt and did. As a result, we learn that in order to be loved, we must change aspects of ourselves who are judged as “bad” by our surroundings. Black Pepper cuts through the crap (yeah I said that). It invites you to look deep down in aspects of your being that are repressed, pushed down, and at times even buried. After that, it calls you acknowledge and honor them so that you can move on into your light.

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I would love to hear how your ritual of this New Moon in Scorpio went. Comment below the new insights and understandings that you had.

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