Scripting Your 2019 :: Here’s an insight on mine

Scripting is the art of writing down your future memories, before they happen.

Imagine that your life is a play, and you are the writer, the director and main character of this play. If you are to choose today how your future scenes will look like, how would you choose it?

Scripting is a powerful tool that I learned last year from one of my mentors Tara Bliss and Peta Kelly. Scripting is not only fun, it’s also an opportunity to find clarity on what truly matters to you, remind yourself daily of your values and your goals, and have a honest talk with the Universe about where your soul is asking to be guided.

I decided to share my Scrip for 2019 here, in case you need some inspiration 😉 Remember that your script is something so personal, feel free to find pieces that invite you to reflect on your own life and to follow this structure, but by all means, find all the answers for your heart in the silent of your reflection.

Here is how my 2019 unfolds…


I see life unfolding as a miracle. My eyes are wide open are my heart and mind are aligned. I am present. I am in this body, both feet touching the ground, supported by Mother Earth, guided by the spirit of the Universe and present in this very moment, here and now, where life endlessly unfold. I take deep breaths throughout my day, the entering gate to consciousness. My acts unfold from a space of wide awake awareness.

I honor my body by allowing it to guide me through my needs. The emotions that flow inside me are the signs, my intuition is flourishing, I let go of fear and allow my heart to speak to me, guiding me to live in alignment with love and my own truth.

Speaking my truth is a must this year. The wisdom that I carry inside must be shared. I allow myself to be seen, to he heard, by bravely stepping into a space where vulnerability is embraced. Speaking my truth allows my tribe to connect to me, allows my relationships to became raw, boldly honest and deeper. I am guided by the knowing that they are waiting for me to speak my truth, to share my experiences, to invite others in this space of possibilities and embracing the whole spectrum of emotions and experiences in our human experience.


My morning rituals are sacred. I wake up knowing that “Today is the BEST day of my life”. I am committed to make the best of my time, to observe my thoughts and raise my vibration. I am pure energy, and this radical commitment to be in alignment with this high vibration propels me forward in every second of my day. Affirmations run through my mind as I waking up. As soon as my feet touch the ground, I root all the way into Mother Earth. I am held and protected by her. I am in her service. Meditation stills my mind. I sit in silence every single day, even if for a brief moment. I give myself daily space to visualize my future memories. I jump into the “now” of where i am heading, my soul recognises that space. I know that I belong there, and my conscious creation of that moment starts here. I always start my day with a clear plan of action.  I produce before I consume. I put something into the world before being consumed by the agenda of others. I am sovereign in my relationship with technology.

In each day, I am fully committed in dedicating time for self-development, expanding and nurturing my network and inspiring others. Every single day I am guided by the question “who can I serve today? Who’s life can I improve? Who’s future can I revolutionise by introducing a new idea, business or healing tool?”

[insert here the questions you want to ask yourself each day, that empower you and propels you forward]. 


My relationship with food and nutrition is transformed and empowers me. I honor my meals, have eating regularly and healthy as one of my top priorities and creatively dive into possibilities of eating nourishing home cooked meals. Health, fresh, organic food is the fuel for my body.


2019 is my year of crafting life of my dreams. The vision I started two years ago, of living for a part of my life in Amsterdam and a part at the beach manifests for the first time.

It’s the year where travels to inspiring places are real, trips to see my family are a part of my program  and I am set to build strong professional relationships with people all over the world while living in my dream, close to nature and aligned with simple – yet powerful – daily habits for a successful and happy life.


2019 is the year of re-writing my relationship with the energy of money. We became best friends, I learned how easily she’s always coming to me, and me to her! I learned to see it in everything, to live from a place of abundance, to recognise that resources are endless and that I am connected to a pipeline of wealth and monetary abundance that brings financial possibilities from known and unknown sources. This new relationship raises my vibration! It allows me to serve, and share and circulate the energy of money for the greater good. Oh we are having fun together! We are creating some magic and through this new relationship, we are giving others permission to love her and have a blast with her too.


I am thrilled to start my weeks with Coaching calls. I know my coaches are an essential element in guiding me towards living my life to its full potential. In these calls my coach support me in strategies to fulfil my weekly goals, in reviewing my strength and points to be improving and setting the right mindset for success in that week.

After that it’s time to coach my biz partners and leaders. As a coach for their growth I am able to recognise their sovereignty, honor their wisdom and be the light house of the possibilities of what they can achieve.

It makes me so excited and feeling blessed to be always attracting resourceful leaders, who are ready to take their growth in their own hands and who know that their professional and financial growth is a mirror of their personal development. They love learning, growing and strive for excellence in all their actions. They are so ready to get started, they know that this is once in a lifetime opportunity and go full on for their expansion.

By mid [ insert date]  I am stoked, speechless, pumped up to celebrate [insert goal]. My heart thrills to be a leader with DoTERRA, showing me that this growth is possible and that I am on my right track.

The entity of Soulful Leadership becomes more clear to me, every single day. She’s guiding me in the journey of serving her purpose in this world. My team of soulful leaders thrives, these power-houses women are ready to take ownership of their lives. They are conscious, strong and influential souls who embrace the leader inside of them and brings it fiercely to live in their communities.

DoTerra is our channel and it’s creating a ripple effect in their life. Every small achievement and empowering partnership with DoTerra leads them a step higher into the manifestation of their dreams and a inch deeper into the truth of their soul.

My leaders are compassionate, powerful, conscious, they are all recruited by the Great Goddess to change consciousness in the world, and they so they are so worthy of doing so by creating a massive income for themselves and others.These leaders are strong and decisive in their biz. Watching them in action, following their dreams and co-creating a magical reality inspires me and fills my heart with gratitude.

These soul oriented partnerships allow me celebrate [insert goal]  before moving to Bonaire, by the end of [ insert date] 


My relationship with technology is transformed. I use it in a powerful way to attract my tribe and inspire women to embrace their truth, i am the sovereign part of this relationship and I know how to use it daily in an efficient, smart and impactful way. Technology is my partner in my mission and my tool to work internationally with the flexibility of time and space that I appreciate it most.


In my trip to Brazil in April I am able to combine all experiences that nourish my soul, such as spending quality time with my family and friends, connecting to my family on a whole new level of honesty and truth, where they can see through the awaken experience of myself and be inspired by who I Am and how I live my life.

Visiting Itaunas reminds me about my roots and that pachamama is guiding me all the way.

My presence in Brazil creates a massive impact on how my business there is growing. During my visit I am able to meet, sign up and prepare leaders for their launch, and these meetings show themselves to be crucial for reaching my bold – and yet again sexy – [insert goal and date once again – I am a firm believer in 3 times repetition for the mind to process fully].

My commitment to my work is unbreakable. I am ready to do what I must in order to reach my goals and create the life of my dream. I know that my actions are as important as my energetic field. I am dancing between both, being and doing, consciously creating through actions, thought and emotions. I learned how to structure my day to optimize my time. I have clarity on the tasks that bring the most income and I fulfil them with ease. Efficiency guides my actions. More and more I learn about effortlessly creating. About receiving as I act from a place of clarity and alignment.


As a leader, I rally people around a better future, I carry the living imagine of how the future can be, questioning the status quo and bringing out the necessary change in the world. I feel empowered and resourceful at work, I feel successful and inspiring. I know that everything is possible – all miracles are possible – when I am in this space of resourcefulness, inspiration and passion. The passion for my work is contagious, I am in flow, powerful fierce, a goddess vessel of Universal wisdom.


By the end of June it’s also time to move to Bonaire with my beloved man. 

Our relationship is thriving as we respect and empower one another. We are the greatest spiritual teachers for one another, honouring our wisdom and playing a sacred cosmic dance of uniting feminine and masculine. We feel safe. I trust him and his guidance to where we are heading. Space is the magic ingredient of our relationship. We honor each other’s space, time and privacy knowing that we meet in full pleasure after being by ourselves. My presence inspired full trust in him, he feels strong, loved, expanding by my side. He trusts me fully, he knows our commitment is for life and our vows are truthful. His presence reminds me of the ultimate truth of existence, his presence reminds me of all the gifts I am able to receive by just being, by opening my arms to the magic of life. Together, we have transformed fear into infinite love. We continue to transform deeper into a relationship of pleasure. Our sex is a [insert here how your sexual life makes you feel]. 

We enjoy long walks at the beach in the end of the day with Sam, delicious meals cooked together, the wonders of life underneath water by diving together. We wake up making love, and fall asleep on each other’s arms. Our evenings are precious as we sit in the varanda, him playing his instruments and me reading a book. We inspire each other into deepening our practice, and living together is our biggest gift, coming with ease and so much joy!

In 2019 I make love to life. Presence, limitlessness, infinite possibilities, miracles, dreams that become real, manifesting and that sexy pleasure of being alive.

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