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Intention Setting for the New Year

intention setting for 2023

For years now I have been practicing this exercice on Intention Setting for the New Year. This has changed everything about the way I lead my life. It allows me to truly live an intentional life.  I learned this practice from Ange Peters, and ever since it has been my favorite of all times to […]

Connection to Your Beloved | 6 tips for Intimacy

Welcome back in our journey of The Art of Connection. In the paragraphs bellow, we’ll enter the incredible space of pleasure, intimacy and partnership. On your journey as a wild women, you will soon acknowledge that an intimate partnership with another is of great magic for several reasons. It can lead is to discover new […]

The Art of Connecting to Your Vision | & tips how to manifest it

December is the perfect timing to reconnect to your Life Vision and become more clear about your manifestation field. The end of year vibes are inviting us to consciously manifest where we want our lives to head towards. Let’s dive deep. But first… let me (re)introduce you to our new blog series 😉 The Art […]

Scripting Your 2019 :: Here’s an insight on mine

Scripting is the art of writing down your future memories, before they happen. Imagine that your life is a play, and you are the writer, the director and main character of this play. If you are to choose today how your future scenes will look like, how would you choose it? Scripting is a powerful […]