New Moon in Libra 28th September 2019 :: Relationship With All There Is

The New Moon in Libra on September 28th, invites us to look on our relationships, with ourselves, each other and with all there is in the Universe.

A New Moon is the perfect opportunity to set out conscious intentions to work in something in your life. During the year we have 12 New Moons covering all the different aspects of our lives and this gives us the opportunity to review and re-define how we want to relate and show up in every aspect that matters to us.

The way we relate to others is a reflection of how we relate to ourselves. This New Moon in Libra comes to remind us of that. Communication, clarity and care are the guiding forces of this period. Inviting you to bring more present and awareness in all your relationships.

This cycle is connection us to the medicine of the spider (I always say this is the medicine I carry inside). Just like the spider, we also wave webs in our lives. How strong and meaningful are the connections of our webs? Is our web balanced?

The autumn equinox that happened in the beginning of this week (when day and night are exactly the same length) reminds us about the beauty in balance, in equal proportions.


What do you need to create an environment that invites you to relate deeply with your truth? Is it time in nature, some candles, sitting in silence or perhaps journaling? Listen to the calling of your soul and make a choice on how you will cultivate this inner relationship today.

Libra’s energy reminds us that there is always an exchange occurring. We relate to everything in the world and all is sacred. Trusting ourselves is trusting others, opening up to ourselves is opening up to others. Whatever is out of balance is an invitation to bring more love and understanding. I prepared a few oils and questions for you to gain more clarity on these areas of your life.

Before we jump into the questions, let’s make sure the path is open for your system to be energetically present in this process. Get your essential oils ready. I have chosen 3 oils for this ritual (more about each one of them bellow). 

Geranium: the oil of trust, allowing you to connect with an open heart;

Neroli: this unifying and stabilising oil reminds our shared purpose and reconnects us to our partnerships;

Cedarwood: strengthens your social bonds and brings people together. 

Take some deep inhalations with the oils you have at home. Geranium is beautiful when applied in the heart area. Neroli is an activator of the wisdom of your womb. Cedarwood makes up to a wonderful neck and leg massage.

Now let’s use the power of this New Moon in Libra to gain some clarity of the relationships in your life;


Look into your life to find clarity, ask yourself: 

  • How do I show up in my relationship with others, and with myself?
  • Am I speaking the truth and relating from a place of integrity?
  • Is there any toxic relationship in my life right now that I want to let go off (think about dependencies, technology, your relationship with time, or maybe even with your duties)?
  • Am I open wide to experience all the lessons relationships have to teach me?
  • Do I put clear boundaries while remaining loving to all there is?


Think about a few intentions to cultivate deeper relationships. I live in a different continent from my family and friends. Here are a few of my examples:

  • I choose to call, text or send an extensive voice note to my family at least once a month (I often feel as you move abroad, communication gets superficial. I always choose for depth);
  • Every single day I tell my partner how much I love him and how grateful I am for who he is (from the moment he makes the bed for us to reminding me to live in the present moment).
  • I choose to play mindfully and presently at least 20 minutes with my dog every single day. This does not include when we are taking a walk – often my thoughts are elsewhere then.
  • Every single morning I wake up listing what I am grateful for in myself, including all the things that I manifested and make me happy. I’m grateful for my commitment to live a healthy and happy life.


1. Geranium

This essential oil will support you in restoring confidence in the innate goodness of others and the world. Trust is the condition of being alive, for all undertaking of human relationships is an act of faith. The moment you take a step, you are doing an act of faith cause you trust the floor is not going to the give up under your feet. You give yourself up and trust, this is the most powerful thing that can be done (inspired by a speech of Allan Watts).

2. Neroli

Neroli will support you in calming your heart and dealing with troubled relationships. This soft flower smell with a citric touch promotes growth, acceptance and harmony in long-term relationships. It invites us to lift the veil of annoyance and stagnation in relationships by connecting to the joy of meeting someone as if it’s the first time you have ever met, bringing curiosity, kindness and empathy.

3. Cedarwood

It’s time to bring people you love together and experience the value and strength of community. It reminds us we don’t need to reply on ourselves only but there is a wonderful group of individuals making up our family and friends group to whom we can count on. This oil will show you that you are not alone.

If you would like to learn more about what are essential oils and how to use them, click here.



Together with Rosa de Boer, a friend and astrologist who I love, we developed a Lunar Cycle Guide with Essential Oils. That’s right!

It’s a beautifully designed guide covering 4 MOON PHASES, practices to tune into the moon and what essential oils you can use in each phase.


If you don’t know what moon phase we are in, I have two tips for you:

  1. Add a Moon Calendar in your Google Calendar. Click here to learn how to.
  2. Check the daily updates at the blog Moonlogy, one of my favorites “Go To” websites for moon updates.


I would love to hear how your ritual of this New Moon in Libra went. Comment below the new insights and understandings that you had.

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