New Moon in Pisces 23rd February 2020 :: Connecting to the Divine in You

Isadora laying on the grass with flower petals in the head representing the mystical aspect of this New Moon in Pisces

Today, with the New Moon in Pisces, we are called into a space of closing a cycle of powerful of outwards oriented energies. That cycle culminated two weeks ago with the Full Moon in Leo. The energy of Leo is like the energy of the sun, shining bright and focusing on the outside.During that time, our agendas looked filled and many of us felt in between conquering the world and loosing ourselves at the same time (you were definitely not alone).

Gladly, as with every natural cycle, after a period of outwards expansion, we are now invited to go inwards.

The energy of this New Moon in Pisces is more mystical. As a result, it reconnects us to the realm of spirit, inviting us to dive into our waters and take time to pause, rest and reflect.

Because of these characteristics, the New Moon in Pisces is the perfect time of the year to develop your vision, revisit one you already have or reconnect to one you’ve working with. Now it’s our time to DREAM.

This space feels like home for me. My Sun in Pisces (this means that that’s my zodiac sign). Moreover, just in case you are curious, my ascendant is in Virgo and moon in Cancer. Could you predict that one? Because I am home in this space, I am sharing with you a ritual really close to my soul.

Let me start by telling you a personal story (if you want, jump straight into today’s Ritual for the New Moon in Pisces right bellow this story).


About two years ago I was at a training for my dōTERRA business and the trainer invited me to the front and asked the following question: “If I gave you a magic wand, how would you life look like?”.

Oh yeah, that’s just my cup of cake! I answered “it’s morning and I am working on the second floor of my beach house while the ocean breeze is blowing in. I am stoked to be sharing doTERRA in developing countries to help women become financially free. After a few hours of work in the day I go watch the sunset at the beach and swim in the ocean with my dog, Sam”.

Back then I have never even heard of Bonaire (the Caribbean island where I live in now). I was in a different relationship and I thought I would be building a dōTERRA business in Brasil. Two years fast forward, I am now in a different relationship, living in this beautiful island and sharing the power of essential oils in the island, helping women become financially free here.

Moreover, I also have my office on the second floor of my house. The ocean breeze blows right through the doors. Almost every day I watch the sunset with my dogs (now there are two, Sam and Stella) in the ocean.

This story shows us that having a clear vision of how you want your life to look and most importantly, to feel like is the same as holding a magic wand. Once you know what you want, the entire Universe – as well as your subconscious mind – are working in your favour to make this dream a reality.


Have you ever given yourself permission? I mean a bold and honest permission to receive all that your heart dreams off? Well, this is my invitation to you. Today, let’s use the support of the energy the of the New Moon in Pisces and give ourself permission to dream and desire all that we wish to (ps: no playing small here, please 😉 ).

Here are some essential oils to support you connecting to your inner light and the divine in you:

Align®: this is an essential oil blend from doTERRA that allow you to open your heart and choose your dreams from a place of alignment. This blend will make sure you are listening to your heart whispers instead of your mind’s “I think I should want this” type of desire.

Hawaiian Sandalwood: the essential oil of sacred devotion, Sandalwood is one of the best companions oils for prayer, meditation and spiritual worship (of yourself ;).

Melissa: the oil of light. This power-house awakens the soul to the truth and light. Melissa is one of these life-changing oils when used. When you bring commitment and openness to the use of Melissa, this essential oil will assist you to overcome any obstacle to reach your absolute full potential.


The New Moon in Pisces’s Ritual is perfect when done in combination with different meditations.

I invite you to do the following:

  1. Take your oils and apply them on you. In the paragraph bellow I am explaining more about each one and how to use it.
  2. Choose of the meditations bellow to connect to your divine self;
  3. After your meditation dive into these questions to write down your life vision .


  1. ALIGN®

Imagine putting together: Bergamot, the oil of self-love; Coriander, the oil of integrity ; Peppermint: the oil of presence; Geranium: the healer of the heart; Rose: the expander of the heart, and Jasmine: the oil of trust and healing. As a result of this heartful combination was born Align, a signature blend from doTERRA designed by the Yoga Teacher Elena Brower. This blend allows you to dream and speak from you heart, the field of attraction to all possibilities.


Sandalwood is an invitation for sacred devotion to yourself. Grounding and assisting to enter into deep meditation, this oil has been adored for its ability to calm the mind and prepare your spirit to commune with your inner God.


I’ll be fully honest here. Melissa is one most expensive oils here. Therefore, before you look at the price tag and delete this option out of your life, I’d like to ask you to think about possibilities. Moreover, you can also see it as HEALING. This is medicine for the soul. The antidote for the limiting beliefs that don’t give you permission to dream. Having said that, if you are ready, this is your go-to oil when you are serious about manifesting your life’s dreams.


Connecting to the Energy Circuit of the Earth and the Universe | Grounding


Blessing of the Energy Center Meditation | Chakra alignment


Vortex Meditation | Expanding


You can also do one of the two previous meditations BEFORE you write down your vision and the Vortex meditation AFTER. As a result, this will allow you to bring your life vision into your Vortex – that space where everything is possible – at the end of your New Moon Ritual.


Now it’s time to start crafting your vision. Some questions that might help you develop one that you love:

  • Who is this woman/man? Why are you proud of her/him? How does her presence feel like?
  • Where do you live and with whom?
  • How is your relationship to yourself?
  • How is relationship to others?
  • What work/service you provide to this world and how does that make you feel fulfilled?
  • How many hours a week do you work?
  • What do you do in your free time?
  • How to you contribute to your community?
  • What are some details that can help you sense, taste, see and hear this vision as if it’s already there?

After envisioning or writing it down, sink into gratitude for the life already received. Step into this place and allow gratitude to flow you for already having it. This step sends a signal out and brings the energy in manifested form back to you.


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