New Moon in Aries 24th March 2020 :: Collective healing

Isadora smelling a flower buquet with eyes closed, the new moon in aries is a time to act - from within

Today’s New Moon in Aries is an invitation to embark on a journey of deep collective healing. As we saw the world shutting their borders in the past days, we also start to understand the magnitude of what we face.

Less than a month ago a friend mentioned “things are about to get wild”. She was talk about the conjunction of 3 big planets at the moment. By that time, little did we know it was about to get so wild.

Maybe there will be weeks, some are saying months. In facing such a long period of lock down and social isolation, more than ever we are invited to look into our wounds.

Aries is a sign all about taking action. But now, we have been deprived of all activities that allow us to distract from the inner work. What’s left for us to do in this New Moon is to take all actions and necessary measures to go through this period of cleanse and healing collectively as strong as we can.


During this period, polarities will grow, within and around us. It might look like panic and fear will reign in times of the pandemic. Even in these situations, we are being asked to fall deeply into trust. It’s time to ask ourselves: “Can I trust the events and a higher force behind it all? Do I rely on my immune system to protect us against this invisible attack? Most importantly, can I trust that we will find creative solutions in face of the unknown?”

Even though it might seem difficult to see it now, these alternative solutions will come. Our intention today is to ask for the light. Having that in mind, this New Moon in Aries and the beginning of the new astrological year is the perfect timing to plant seeds of hope and start to visualise how we want to collectively go through this healing process.


Aries is a sign that carries courage and clarity on how to act ahead. However, we ask ourselves how we can cultivate that in times where a fog seems to be stopped in front of our eyes.

Today is the time to enjoy this New Moon energy and make new commitments with yourself.

  • How will you be facing the next weeks/months of quarantine?
  • What are the practices you can bring into your daily life to release stress, diminish fear and bring small daily doses of joy?
  • How can you serve your community during this period? You can think about anything like prayers, meditations or online offerings.

Here are some essential oils to support you in times that are emotionally challenging:

Elevation®: designed to overcome feelings of despair and hopelessness, this blend combines powerful mood-stabilising oils with joy-filled oils that evoke happiness.

Citrus Bliss®: when the soul has lost its connection to the magic in life, this blend helps restore the spark. It also inspires creativity so that we can start thinking of ways to live in this new reality.

Motivate®: this blend encourages individuals to work through their feelings of gloom, weariness or hopelessness, rather than slipping into despair. Instead of remaining paralysed by these feelings, it launches us into positive action within.


Start this New Moon in Aries checking in with yourself. Is there a fear (either mine or collective) that I can choose to release from my body before I get started?

If the answer is “YES”, I have prepared a meditation for you HERE.

Our steps is looking into the possibilities of choosing TRUST in times of fear. If you want some inspiration, I have offered this audio for you. This is the audio from day 1 of my “How to Always Feel Good” free online program. Access the audio HERE.

Having done that, it’s time to get your essential oils out. Rub yourself in this citrusy, minty and woody oils.

Write down a statement of trust and action for the next months. Include in it:

  • What are the positive lessons that you and the collective are having / can possibly have from this experience?
  • How do you envision a world post-chaos? What are the changes you would like to see implemented?
  • What are daily actions you can do to commit to your health: mentally, emotionally, physically and the health of others?
  • How and why can we choose love in times of despair.

Write a letter to yourself, a manifesto on how you commit to live through the coming weeks. Give yourself powerful reminders you can come back to when things get tough.

You got this. You got yourself and we got each other. May we all grow from this experience, learning about our humanity, about our interconnectivity and may we embrace this period where Earth is cleansing so we can ascend together to a higher vibration and dimension.

Make the most of your time at home. Stay safe, be well.


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