The Art of Connecting to Your Vision | & tips how to manifest it

December is the perfect timing to reconnect to your Life Vision and become more clear about your manifestation field. The end of year vibes are inviting us to consciously manifest where we want our lives to head towards. Let’s dive deep.

But first… let me (re)introduce you to our new blog series 😉

The Art of Connection is a project inspiring women to connect to their inner truth and wisdom.

This new blog format comes into the world in an unprecedented time of disconnection, separation and segregation.

In this scenario, we step up as the antidote.

It is an ode to the wild woman. The wise woman. The conscious and aligned woman who is ready to create a new reality based on her connection with herself.

In this blog post, I am sharing powerful coaching tools and book tips to align your deepest desires to your life vision. We will bring




to the table in order for you to form a clear vision of your best life and the steps to manifest it.


Tips to manifest the life of your dreams seem to be the new gold rush. After I met with my current partner, we moved to the beautiful island of Bonaire, started living in a dream house, got our first baby and my business went sky rocketing. Many people came asking to me about manifestation, and indeed, everything I was experiencing I had consciously chosen for it.

For years in a row, I sat down during the month of December to design and craft the years to come. Then corona came and the world as we know collapsed. Planning suddenly felt ridiculous and after a “surprise” pregnancy I understood the power of everything changing in a second.

However, even if planning seems like an impossible feat nowadays, I want to speak about EMBODYING.


Embodying means that you live your life in a congruent state of mind and heart (not always, but most of the times). It means having clarity of your values, that which really matters to you, and bringing the quality of these values in your actions and interactions.
Embodying is the form of “being” that what you want to attract.

Today, I want to invite you to connect to your highest vision and to bring it so close that you and this vision become one. No longer divided by space and time, by the illusion of present and future, but fully aligned with one another.

Embodying means giving a visible form to an idea or feeling.

In the coming paragraphs, let’s dive into what really matters in your life and how you can embody it as an exercise of attraction for the years to come.

If you value freedom and you are able to embody freedom, there ain’t a lock down that can take that away from you (we have seen some people experience unprecedented freedom while others felt stuck).

Same goes for inner peace. When you are able to feel the peace within your being, albeit the situation in your surrounding, that’s when inner peace becomes real in your life.


Unlike any year before, I am NOT going to advise you to write down your goals (most likely they will change in the coming 12 months). Instead, we will focus on your vision, on becoming the person you are being called to be and showing up in the world with your best contribution.

In this post, having in mind the incredible energetic space we are living where things can – and are! – able to manifest quickly, we are not going to look into a recipe do this or that and you will get there.

We will dive into the ESSENCE of being and becoming, this way of naturally evolving and attracting what’s already meant to be yours.



Know Your Values (for real)

inspired on the book “Earth is Hiring” Peta Kelly.

Imagine that your life is a castle, and this castle is protected by gatekeepers. These are the ones who decide what is allowed in and what needs to remain away. They are also working as an attraction field, standing at your gate and attract more like them. These gatekeepers are able to allow the most beautiful things in but also the most terrifying, it’s their responsibility.

Who are the gatekeepers of your kingdom?

Think about freedom – safety – adventure – kindness – community – etc.

  1. Choose your 5 most important gatekeepers.

2. Now, notice what happens when you ask yourself: If (gatekeeper name) would be fully fulfilled in your life, and you would not miss this (gatekeeper) would there be anything bigger or more important than this? If the answer is “No”, the answer is your gatekeeper. If the answer is “yes, this (new value)” the value mentioned later is your core value.

  • Note that you would be willing to risk other things for your core values. If your core value is freedom, you are willing to let go of safety to experience freedom, or the other way around.

  • There is no right or wrong, this is your life and it’s perfectly fine whatever you choose.
writing your journal on new moon


This second exercise was a total life-changing experience on goal setting for me. It is inspired in a session with the purpose coach and The Next Step Leader, Greta Grace (check out her coaching website for retreat website Entrepurpose, for some transformative experiences and retreats).

Separate one piece of paper for each of those questions, write the question at the top and allow your mind to freely answer in words, images, mind mapping, etc.

  1. What am I good at? When am I in flow? What do I embody effortlessly?

2. How do I serve and what is your contribution to the collective?

3. What do I personally yearn?

4. What projects that I am currently working on or dream about are able to bring this into my life?

5. What are my beliefs around this project? Are these beliefs serving me?

6. What happens when I choose a different story around it?

7. My beliefs around time and space (think how you can recreate beliefs around these two concepts).

8. What are my beliefs on the possibilities of bringing this project from the idea world into reality?




  • 5 steps for Manifesting with Ease
  • Guide on how to change Limiting Beliefs System
  • Top 5 Essential Oils for Manifesting
  • How to use Essential Oils in your Manifestation Practice
  • Your Exercise Sheet for Manifestation



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